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received call about a security breach on my installed software, requested call back immediately. Did not happen
Called me at 1 am last night, and didn't leave a voicemail.
The given phone number is signed as Cassie.
Wanted to know if this person is the citizen of Pasadena California
I know him as Sam we’ve been friends for the past one month. The last time I saw him was last week Friday we went to dinner. He he told me his back was hurting. And never heard from since . I would like to send him a card
Wondering if it is a scam number
I want to know who is behind this number
I JUST SAW THIS POST FROM A PAGE OF NANNY/HOUSEMAID IN DUBAI UAE ! AND I HAVE THIS GUT FEELING THIS JOB OFFER IS A LIE! -At this point of time i urgently need the following to come work for me and my family over here in the United Kingdom. **COOK **CLEANER **DRIVER *GARDENER **SECURITY GUARDS **ASSISTANT KITCHEN HELPER And honest, kind, loyal, sincere, understanding and heart-minded nanny that can work for me as a baby sitter to my children, because i and my husband are very busy people and i need someone who is caring to take good care of my kids at my absence... And i made a promised to my kids that i will get them the best nanny to look after them. So with all due respect i will like you to read my message and consider the heart of little child and understand that i want the best for my kid.So i will like you to reply me back if you are willing , able, honest, kind, trustworthy and reliable to work for me on that post...So that i can go through it and see how good you are to work for me. For your notice your salary will be 2,000 POUNDS every month, and 300 POUNDS as your pocket money every weekend..I want to let you know that i am really taking this time to find a nanny for my little children,because i want the best for my kids.I will be humble to hear good words and good reply back from you about my offer which i am given to you.....You will immediately mail back your RESUME/CV now at or here On Facebook so that i can go through it and see how good you are to work for me.After that i will refer you too the Travel Agency for the Processing of your Papers.You have nothing to be worried about and i also want you to know you will be in a good hands down here and also promising you that you will never regret Accepting my Job Offer. WORKING HOURS Monday-Saturday+7 am-8 pm Sundays Off DUTIES 1.Look after my Little kids 2.Laundry Only BENEFITS 1..You are working as a stay in Nanny and free Accommodation(Food/Water/Light/internet) HOPE I CAN TRUST YOU IN WORKING WITH ME? Like I have told you are getting salary of 2,000 Pounds monthly also additional 300Pounds as a pocket money expenses.I will be paying your visa processing and ticket fee as well all you need to do is to get your overseas working certificate And for other interested applicant for other post mail me back your RESUME/CV now at or here on Facebook so I can go through it and see how good you are to work for me NOTE: I WILL BE IN CHARGE OF YOUR VISA PROCESSING AND TICKET FEE AS WELL ALL YOU NEED TO PAY FOR IS YOUR OVERSEA WORKING CERTIFICATE, WITHOUT THE OVERSEA WORKING CERTIFICATE YOU CANT WORK BECAUSE THE CERTIFICATE STANDS AS YOUR WORK PERMIT AND WILL COST YOU ONLY 350 POUNDS ...SO YOU ARE ONLY TO PAY FOR YOUR OVERSEA WORKING CERTIFICATE. PLEASE SERIOUS MINDED ONLY AM NOT HERE FOR JOKES, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED INBOX ME FACEBOOK:TINA RYAN TELEPHONE:+17605383675
The given phone number is signed as Kunj Usa.
The given phone number is signed as Taneem Haque.


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