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On 4/19/18, at 1:40 PM, I received a brief, unsolicited, call (recording) from this #. The number was not hidden in my cell display! A rapid speaking youngish female voice advised me to press "2" on my phone if I did not want my credit card rate to increase very shortly. No name or identification was given as to what company she represented. I suspect this is a "phishing scam" attempt to fool someone into unwittingly giving their credit card # away, to someone who will use it to unlawfully gain access their funds. I got no "hits" when I attempted to run the # on the web, to see if it had been reported as a scam before. Be careful!
student debt scams from faked numbers
It left a message saying the government has opened an intentional fraud and lawsuit under my name. Transcript of call “As an intentional fraud and lawsuit has been filed under your name by the United States government you may call our department number 646-897-6140 I repeat 646-897-6140 thank you…”
They call non stop about government grant office . Repeatedly tell them to quit calling, that I'm giving the info to the attorney general and attorney and they don't get it.
This person is a telemarketing server who is obstructly rude would not advise you to call ty
these people who call are assholes
This is a persistent caller...I usually ignore it but answered several times to either here nothing or just background noise.
Absolutely a scam. Do not call the follow up number.
This number keeps calling and never leaves a message. Calls every day.
Had a call from this number telling me the cops were coming for me, that there are four pending charges against me and to call them. Had the exact same call from Oyster Bay with exact same message right before it.


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